Design for testability FAQs

What is the turn around time for a design for testability (DFT) report?

DFT turn around time could be from 3 to 5 days depending on the product complexity and the level of DFT required.


What do you cover in your DFT report?

There are different DFT levels depending on the test objectives:

Electrical DFT and topology analysis

Mechanical analysis (Tooling pins, board thickness etc..)

Access anaysis (testpoint size, testpoint clearance, access coverage etc..)

Fixture analysis (probe size, probe type, fixture type etc..)

Test coverage prediction

Test access optimization analysis (limited access techniques etc..)

Board strain simulation

What materials do I need for a DFT?

As a minimum, CAD data in ASCII format, Schematics in searchable PDF format and Bill of Materials in excel, csv or text format are required. Optionally mechanical drawing, could be required depending on the targeted DFT level. If you are a first time customer, we will need your target tester software and hardware configurations.


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