In-circuit test FAQs

What materials do I need for an Keysight3070 / Agilent3070 / HP 3070 (Medalist i3070) in-circuit application request for quote (ICT RFQ) or for development?

As a minimum, CAD data in ASCII format, Schematics in searchable PDF format and Bill of Materials in excel, csv or text format are required. Optionally mechanical drawing, programming data files, gerbers could be required depending on the application. If you are a first time customer, we will need your target tester software and hardware configurations.

I am a first time customer. How do I find my tester hardware and software configuration?

For the software configuration, you can type the command "codeword -l " in a korn shell and take a snapshot of the result. You can also re-direct the result to a file by typing the command "codeword -l > filename ". You then need to send us the snapshot of the results or the file where you redirected the results.

For the hardware configuration, you can send us the tester config file located under "/hp3070/diagnostics/th1/ " directory in for UNIX controllers and under "C:/Agilent_ICT/diagnostics/th1/ " directory for PC controllers.

I am not comfortable sending my files by Email, do you have other other alternatives?

We recommend that all products design data, schematics and any other confidential information be transferred through FTP. If you do not have your own FTP or other secure file transfer method, we can provide you with an account on our FTP site to use for data transfer.

Do you still support/develop UNIX applications for 3070 tester?

Arxtron technologies supports and develop on all revision levels for both 3070 platforms:

UNIX up to reveision level 5.21

PC up to revision level 8.10

I just upgraded my Keysight 3070 / Agilent 3070 (Medalist i3070) tester to PC? What do I need to do in order to run my old UNIX applications?

If you are keeping your UNIX controller, Arxtron technologies offers dual boot solutions (hardware Add-on) where you can use both your PC and your UNIX controllers and switch from one to the other seamlessly.

If you will be keeping only the new PC controller, we offer conversion services where we can upgrade your existing UNIX applications to run on PC.

What do limited access solutions apply to?

Due to lack of real estate or to high board node counts, many products cannot achieve 100% access. Limited access solutions are a combination of DFT and development solutions to optimize the allocation of access and achieve the best coverage possible taking in account other test techniques in the production process.

Example 1: 1000 nets board has only enough real estate for 500 testpoints. Test strategy for the board includes X-ray test. Limited access solutions at the DFT level (also called test coverage optimization) will allow Arxtron to issue recommendations on which nets the 500 available testpoints should be allocated to achieve maximum test coverage in combination with the X-ray test technique.

Example 2: 9000 nets boards is fully accessible, however the Keysight 3070 / Agilent 3070 /HP 3070 (Medalist i3070) tester can only accommodate up to ~5000 nets. Test strategy for the board includes X-ray test. During the ICT application development, Arxtron will apply a certain number of techniques to choose which 5000 on the board should be probed in order to achieve the highest test coverage possible in combination with X-ray test technique.

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