In-system Programming FAQs

What type of data file format do you need for ISP applications?

For most Flash memories and EEPROMs, a Motorola S-Record, Intel Hex or a binary format would be acceptable formats. For binary files, we might ask for specifications on start address.

For Xilinx CPLDs and FPGAs, MCS, JEDEC and SVF (Serial Vector Format) formats are acceptable.

For Altera, POF (Programmer Object File), SVF (Serial Vector Format), JAM and JBC formats are acceptable.

If you are not sure, please contact us with the target device part number and we will help you determine which format is needed.

Do you support external programmer's integration in Keysight3070/Agilent3070/HP 3070 Unix platforms?

Yes we support a wide variety of external programmers integration on both PC and Unix platforms. Our integration is fully automated and operator-intervention free. Multiple board versions/Firmwares can be supported on the same application. Firmware loading into the programmers is also automated and does not need engineering intervention.


My Keysight3070/Agilent3070/HP 3070 application is in production and I have a new firmware, how do I proceed?

For most Keysight3070/Agilent3070/HP 3070 applications, a new firmware will require to be processed by Arxtron's proprietary ISP data conversion tools to generate the new programming application. This conversion can be done in different ways:

1) Send the new firmware to Arxtron for processing. The new application files and installation instructions will be returned within 4 hours. This service (Direct ISP support) could be purchased with the original application or on a need basis.

2) The customer could buy the Arxtron ISP data conversion software and process the new firmware locally at his site.


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