Education and training FAQs

What Agilent/HP 3070 related course do you offer?



  1. Production maintenance and support (2days) - Focuses on maintenance personnel. Covers test system and fixture maintenance, it covers test system general hardware, and maintenance. Fixture knowledge and maintenance.
  2. Production support training (3days) - Focuses on production support personnel. The course covers high level knowledge of the test hardware and software, simple debug, implementing simple ECO, fixture general knowledge, etc....
  3. Combo of item 1 and 2 (3.5days). - Focused on maintenance/production support personnel.
  4. Test application development(2weeks) - focuses on test application development personnel.
  5. Design for testability (DFT) training - Focuses on OEM product designers, manufacturing engineers and test engineers. The course covers general introduction to ICT test techniques and DFT guidelines for ICT.
  6. Custom training - The course and timing is developed as per customer needs. The most common are system and application diagnostics training, implementing simple ECO(caps/resistors), general 3070 interface introduction for test operators, advanced digital test and boundary scan, etc....; To scope the training, Arxtron provides questionnaire to customer and reviews the needs before developing the course.



Do you offer on-site courses?

We offer both on-site and off-site (@ Arxtron) courses. Depending on customer logistical needs and schedule, we can schedule the course to take place at Arxtron Technologies or at the customer site.


If I choose on-site course, Would you need access to my Agilent 3070 tester and program

For most courses, we have hands-on labs that require direct use of the tester by the students or at least a visual access to different parts of the tester. Contact us to know what type of tester usage is required for the course you are planning to take.


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