Keysight3070/Agilent3070/HP 3070 (Medalist i3070) Conversion, dual-boot and audit services
  • Conversion

Arxtron Technologies offers a variety of services for customers looking to upgrade their Keysight3070/Agilent3070/HP 3070 (Medalist i3070) Unix controllers to PC and convert their existing applications to the PC platform.

  • Dual-boot

If you are upgrading your 3070 tester to PC and keeping your UNIX controller, Arxtron technologies offers dual-boot solutions (hardware add-on) that allows you to use both your PC and your UNIX controllers and switch from one to the other seamlessly.

  • Audit

Arxtron Technologies offers this service to OEMs deploying their test solutions at CMs. OEMs do not have necessarily a clear idea on what the test coverage and the application quality are at the CM. Arxtron Technologies can audit the test application offline or perform fault injection and board grading routines to assess the test coverage and the application quality.