Keysight3070/Agilent3070/HP 3070 (Medalist i3070) Design for testability (DFT)

Arxtron Technologies has developed a thorough design for testability (DFT) process over the years. Design teams from renowned OEMs in the Telecom, Medical and automotive industries have used Arxtron's DFT recommendations to maximize and/or optimize their Keysight3070/Agilent3070/HP 3070 (Medalist i3070) In-circuit (ICT) test coverage. Our standard design for testability process includes:

  • Mechanical analysis (tooling pins, Board thickness etc..).
  • CAD analysis (Access type, Test point size, Access percentage etc…)
  • Fixture analysis (Probe type, Probe size, fixture type, strain analysis)
  • In-circuit (ICT) test coverage analysis (Schematics, Remote sensing, Boundary Scan, Design change recommendations)
  • In-circuit (ICT) test access optimization analysis (limited access techniques, optical inspection etc..)